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Change the look of your bedroom with the
great concept of open wardrobe

Change the look of your bedroom with the great concept of open wardrobe

Well imagine a bedroom which doesn’t have a wardrobe. There are many different ways in which to clear rooms from all the different clutter, this however is one of the most extreme cases. You would need to make sure there is no wardrobe at all; this would save a lot of space in the room. Many would feel that the bedroom is incomplete without the wardrobe, however you would find it very liberating without a wardrobe in the room. You have a small room and so you would need space in your room, the alternative for this would be the open wardrobe.

The concept of open wardrobe

The concept of an open wardrobe is to make sure that the closet doesn’t take up your entire bedroom. As the name suggests there is no doors to this kind of a closet. What you have kept in the closet is what is visible to everyone. The arrangements of this place is like any ordinary wardrobe, however because of the door being nonexistent you would get more space in your room. There are shelf’s which are available for the clothes to be kept and even some hangars available for hanging the clothes.  This is an amazing way of keeping your stuff organized without using up a lot of space. You can have the wardrobe in any corner of the room without it causing too much of a problem.

Closet organizers and wardrobe

It is very wrong for someone to assume that wardrobes are nothing but closet organizer systems. They are quite expensive and can be permanent in the home. However an open closet is more playful and you would be able to get different kind of look to your space. This would ensure to keep the home clutter free and at the same time making sure that there is not too much of space which is wasted. You can also add some more distinctive space with closets add some drawers or shelves and even some clothing rods to change the look of the open closet that you have.

It is like using a big box, there is nothing stopping you from what can be added into a big box. Same way there is nothing which stops you from making your closet diverse and clutter free. You would get to see different designs in the market. Choose a design and shape which suits your need at the same time making your space look clutter free. Make a space for yourself and choose how to go ahead and change it every time that you get bored of the space. Simple effective and even less expensive than all the other idea’s which are available.