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Classy vintage look with Chesterfield

Classy vintage look with Chesterfield furniture

If you want to give your home the classy vintage look that does not have to be changed for many years and it will still stay just the same, chesterfield furniture is the right choice for you. Even after many new modern designs that have been invented during the years, this sort of furniture does not lose the popularity or quality. Not only made for aesthetics, these pieces of luxury can sustain for a very long time without losing their charm.

History speaks for us.

According to the Oxford dictionary, ‘’chesterfield’’ was used to describe a leather couch even back in the 1800’s. History says that Lord Phillip Stanhope was the first one to have a leather chesterfield settee, he was also known as a trendsetter and he surely did make a trend with chesterfield furniture.

They were first invented in England and are still very popular there, being like an emblem of British style. Nowadays they are well-known worldwide.

Make every place look like a palace.

All the smoothly chosen colors and designs of chesterfield furniture made in the last 200 years were inspired by the very first armchair and the style does not change much, which gives it a special charm. Being that the rocking chair in your patio or the classy sofa and settee in your living room, they will still look just as elegant like they do in the most luxurious palaces, hotels or restaurants. Made for the most sophisticated places, from the early history to the present, the interest in chesterfield furniture remains and the quality does not change but only gets better.