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Overview of Queen Size Beds

Overview of Queen Size Beds

Beds are available in different sizes, which inform size of mattress you need to invest in. That is why it is important to consider size of bed before buying and one bed you can choose to invest in and one of the category of beds you may need to consider invest in are Queen size beds.


This category of beds is by standard designed to measure 60’’ wide by 80’’ long. It only is only slightly smaller than a King size bed by 16’’ in width. The length remains the same in measurement.

Queen size beds are massive beds that are only suitable in case yours is a large bedroom. However, not all beds of queen size are similar. This is because they are designed in different ways and different features. It therefore becomes necessary to consider such other features when shopping for one. Such features include a headboard that you can rest against, side rails, a footboard and a bed skirt that conceals the frame.

Bed Frame

The bed frame is the most important feature you need to consider when sampling Queen Size beds. It can of metal or wood. The frame consists of the head, side rails and foot. Designers normally include a rail at the center for the necessary support because of the bed’s huge size. There are also different types of bed frames, which you must put into consideration.

Platform bed frame – This is simply a standard bed frame with a support rail at the center.

Captain bed frame – This is a bed frame that features drawers below for storage.

Water bed frame – This is a bed frame designed with a frame heavy enough to support water contained in the mattress.