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Ultimate classic for your room – Black
and White Rugs

Ultimate classic for your room – Black and White Rugs

Rug is a floor covering which is made from thick woven material or can be made from animal skins, the length of rug is typically not covers the entire floor. Rugs are available in various materials and designs. Also with the variety of material and design the color options are also vastly customized however one such combination for every household is a black and white rug. Black and white rugs are such universal colors that cannot go wrong in situation and for home floors as well they are great choice.

Ideas to liven up room 

Black and white colors provide so much intensity and drama in them and when rugs of those colors are chosen for the floors then they are going to make your rooms alive. And therefore, we are sharing some ideas to use these black and white rugs.

One such design idea is of bold elegance which is a high contrast black and white damask print rug which is made from New Zealand wool with hand carvings in all the details. This is type of rug s a classic art piece which has been modified for modern era. This rug suits every kind of furniture and color schemes of the room. And from classic designs to high comfort, now we have trendy shag which is great choice of plush rug to curl up to read a good book or just to play with kids. And this shag looks great in black and white and leaves envious remarks from anyone who would have seen it. Now we have another classic yet fashionable rug, Classic Hounds tooth which is a dramatic version for the black and white rug and available in small and large prints to match the looks of the space of your room. Next up is Literary Novelty which is specifically meant to meet the atmosphere of special spaces of your house like Library or office. This black and white rug provides a charming element as well and hand crafted work on this work makes it luxurious as well. And a rug without a floral design seems empty for every list and hence here is contemporary floral print rug which gives a fresh feeling and mostly suited in living room, dining room or bed room, As some of them are available in synthetic fiber which can be easy to clean and versatile in your room space. Next in list is a striped design which is an all favorite known as unstructured stripes. This type of rug is available in different types of stripes on it and you can choose the right one to suit your living space. And a must mention in the list is black and white zebra striped design pattern which in more than realistically wild for your room and gives authentic feel to the space.

Well these are some designs and ideas of different black and white rugs for your home styling and you can find many more as every rug is available in different fabric material and different size and shapes so you are never running out of options in choosing rugs and of course black and white cannot go wrong in any situation so be bold and choose the black and White rugs.