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Classic and Authentic French Country

Classic and Authentic French Country Curtains

French Country curtains are known for the flowing attitude in their fabrics and designs. As it is no secret that France is a diverse country and hence French country curtains also have different  versions and varieties available. France and their traditions and their culture can be seen in their curtains. French country curtain style were evolved in hundreds of years ago in which hand printed designs and colours were used to decorate windows. And curtains in France are not just for windows but they can be used on doors and different places to decorate.

Different types of French Country Curtains 

As earlier stated, french country curtains have so many different styles and varieties and few of them are mentioned here. First in the list comes French Toile Drapes. This type of curtains are available in two different fabrics namely, toile de jouy and indiennes. Among these two, Toile de jouy is the most favorite French country curtain style while indiennes are lesser known french curtains style in which different and wide range of designs are available. Next in the list is Heavy French Linen Curtains. These type of curtains are usually seen unlined and the crumpled look of the linen gives a nice view of the glazed terracotta tiles which is the core of the France. Another different variety is french ticking drapes. This is a fairly rustic and sturdy curtains that are used roughly. This type of curtains are not restricted to windows only and can be used on doors as well. Other styling is elegant french cheesecloth sculptures. These curtains have a special flair because of its transparent curtain which is loosely woven ends with an artistic knot. Next in the list is French style patchwork curtains. The main idea o this type of curtain is to use a plain fabric and then add fancy and eye catching to its lower third to stand apart. This is simple and stylish type of curtains for windows. Next is simple and white french style curtains. The simple and classic french country curtain style usually made of light weight cotton. It is simple and that’s why there are wide range of choices to change and create new styles in this type of curtains.

Though there are so many different styles of french country curtains available but there are few things to consider about how to use these curtains. First choose a simple rod for hanging you curtains. Keep things simple and let the curtains speak for itself. To get a higher look, you can hang just little below ceiling and will look larger and greater that way. So now you know about french country curtains so choose your designs and get an authenticate look for your windows with French Country Curtains.