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Pine Wardrobes – A choice of Rustic Style
  and Durability

Pine Wardrobes – A choice of Rustic Style and Durability

For some natural aesthetic appeal in your interior, go for pine wardrobes. The surface of these wardrobes is beautifully spotted with natural signs of wood. Solid and long lasting, this storage option has many advantages to be your first choice for your clothes, home linen, shoes and accessories.

You can store in pine wardrobes anything that needs to be stored carefully without bearing any scratch or damage. Often it is clothes that make the first appearance in our mind to be placed in a wardrobe. But if you have some other valuable stuff that you need to keep organized and well-arranged like your art equipments, sensitive tools, practice material etc. these wardrobes prove to be a safe and strong storage option.

If you want to paint your wardrobe, do not use thick oil paints as they cover the natural wood signs on the surface and spoil the aesthetic appeal of your wardrobe. Your paint option should be a light color varnish that does not plaster the surface. Varnish brings natural shine to the wood and protects it from woodlouse or any other sort of damage.

Pairing pine wardrobes with other furniture in your room can be tough as they prominently depict natural look. Your chairs and table also should be of similar structure and appearance. If you are placing your wardrobe in your bedroom, keep the curtains and rug similarly rustic. Any other furniture like your bed, dressing table, stool or chair should also reflect the same rural aura.