Monday , 15 April 2024
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Sit Stand Desk

Sit Stand Desk

It gets really difficult for some of you to work on your laptop by sitting for hours on that hard-rock chair and not move an inch. It starts affecting your back causing you pain with backaches, which is definitely not acceptable by some of you. The mind works well if you are comfortable with the way you have seated yourself because the constant thought of uncomfortable lingers over your head. Here are ways on how to use the sit stand desk.

  • Top Extender Riser

If you are looking for something small and not too big then use this product to place it on your table, extend the table higher on the level of your eyes at least 15-30 inches away from them, sit back comfortably, and work on.

  • Luxor crank adjustable

This adjustable sit stand desk helps you to adjust the height while working. If you are sitting then it will come down and if you want to loosen yourself a bit and stand up then it will extend to the height of your eye level so that you don’t have to bend down your neck.

  • InMovement elevate desk

This sit stand desk  doesn’t only adjust on a higher or lower level but also extends horizontally to fit monitors of 24 inches. It is spacious and has a rack below that you can pull out and can rest your mouse and keyboard or just keep your belongings under it.

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