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Bathroom vanity for different rooms

Bathroom vanity for different rooms

Bathroom vanity for powder room

For choosing the bathroom vanity there are no hard rules. The size of the bathroom affects the size of vanity. The powder room is the smallest room in the house and it usually has small bathroom vanity. The powder room is not used for the purpose of bathing so you don’t need to store the bath towels, shampoos and dryers. The bathroom vanity has a sink which has very low counter top and it is large enough to access the toilet.

Bathroom vanity for guest room

The style of the bathroom vanity is able to complement the style of room and house. It is said that if the home is of craftsmen style then the clean lined shaker vanity style is best suited with it. The pedestal sink works well in the powder room and there is no counter space. Thus the pedestal sinks are not preferred in the guest bath or the master bath. The bathroom vanity for the guest room or the hall bathroom is different. The vanity should be large enough to contain the clutter and it should also be able to hold the bathing essentials.

The drawers are preferred under the cabinets of sink. If it is possible then you should choose the 60 inch vanity which is able to hold the two sinks. The needs of the guests are very basic. You should have the designated places for the storage of cosmetics and the hair dryers. For the storage area for kids you should create a large enough so that they can enjoy it.