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Bathroom vanity, a modern outlook to a

Bathroom vanity, a modern outlook to a bathroom

A bathroom vanity is a piece of furniture combined with a sink or two and used to store aesthetics and bathroom accessories. Vanities also act as focal points or main attraction of a bathroom. Bathroom vanities are provided with benchtops which are usually made up of wood, marble, cement and many more. They also provide a decorative setup to the bathroom.

Options and selection of bathroom vanities.

There are different types of vanities such as

  • Free standing vanities

The vanity is seated on the floor attached to a wall through screws.

  • Floating vanity

The vanity is mounted on a wall. These types are very common in modern times.

  • Glass bathroom vanities

These vanities are made up of glass and provide an ultra-modern vibe to the bathroom.

Bathroom vanity’s size differs from being wide enough to hold the sink to stretching to the entire length of the bathroom. It is important to keep in mind about the one’s own bathroom size and choose accordingly. Designs of the bathroom vanities not only come in rectangular but also in oval and rectangular shapes with embedded sinks and sharp and curvy edges. Try to purchase vanities with the height between 32 to 34. It is also the average    height of the kitchen tables. This allows you to use the sink without the trouble of bending too much. Make sure that the vanity has as much as drawers and compartments as possible to store medicines, utilities and towels. If there are more than two people opt for double sink vanities.