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Wooden picnic tables to enjoy your day

Wooden picnic tables to enjoy your day

A picnic table is a kind of table that has attached benches, designed for eating outdoors, usually while picnicking. Picnic tables are usually used for dining, resting, doing crafts, and other household activities. Picnic tables are generally seen all around us in public parks, residential backyards, camping grounds, amusement parks and a number of other public places.

They are not only used outdoors but also indoors at times. They are commonly seen indoors in cafeterias, community centres, break rooms etc. Each table usually has a seating capacity of six to eight people. Smaller and larger sized tables are available in the market nowadays.

Picnic tables have been used by people from hundreds of years. They are not known to have evolved much over time. They were traditionally made with wood, but modern picnic tables are made with plastic, metal and even concrete. Wooden tables were used from a long time and are still being used in many places like school cafeterias and public parks. Plastic tables are light weight, stronger and less expensive than wooden tables. They are also more durable and last longer than wooden tables and require less or no maintenance.

Metal picnic tables are becoming popular nowadays because they are stronger and durable and require little maintenance. The most durable variety is the stone or concrete tables. They also have the disadvantage of immobility and high cost. Children’s picnic tables are popular in schools and parks which are an undersized version of the normal picnic table.