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Get ideas to reface kitchen cabinets

Get ideas to reface kitchen cabinets

Have you decided to reface your kitchen cabinet? That’s really a better option over remodeling if your cabinets are structurally strong & in a good condition. If the original cabinet is showing cracks or leaks, or the frames are broken, or the cabinet is damaged, then the entire remodeling would be needed.  Refacing not only helps you to save your time but it brings the cost to almost half. You can use your kitchen even when the refacing is going on.  Refacing kitchen cabinet needs only the covering of the open frames with thin veneer of plastic or wood laminate. The color of the veneer can be decided complimenting your furniture & other interior decoration items.

Veneers are available in variety of colors, textures, styles, patterns, designs & many more. You can select as per your choice & look ahead for a perfect finish for your kitchen cabinet at an affordable cost. The wooden veneer is little more costly than the plastic veneers & also requires careful sealing against the moisture. The only advantage the remodeling gives over refacing kitchen cabinets is that, the remodeling gives a new design to your kitchen & if you can spend more, it will entirely change the design of your kitchen.

You can take help of professional installers who can visit your home, take measurements for the cabinet frames, and analyze the amount of veneer required, the amount of hardware needed & the correct sizes of doors for cabinets & drawers. Once they receive all the material, they move on to fix it properly. If old veneer is already there, it will be removed first & then the fixing will be done. The professional installers are experts in providing the smooth & safe finish for the structure.

You can decide to reface the kitchen cabinet only wherever it is needed. You can choose the selected areas where the refacing is needed & which will enhance the look of your kitchen. If some of the old cabinets are in good condition, you can skip to reface them. This will save your time & money. The refacing can be done within just 3-5 days! You get even full access to your kitchen when the work is going on. While if remodeling is done, the entire set up is disturbed & you need to wait till the work finish.

The normal refacing for a typical 10-foot-by-12-foot kitchen can cost you anywhere around $1000 to $4000. For real wood veneer, the cost will go on higher side, somewhere around $2500 to $6000.  The cost will increase for larger projects and as per the quality & type of veneer used. This cost is still much below the cost of remodeling. Just the change of cabinet covers can provide a beautiful new look to your kitchen at very affordable cost.