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Which baby girl crib bedding sets
  with  bumper to buy?

Which baby girl crib bedding sets with  bumper to buy?

So you have bought a crib for your baby to come now you need bedding. Buying a baby crib bedding is fun and pleasant activity. The top priorities should be safety and quality, then comes design, texture, color and shape.

When selecting baby crib bedding you should start with a mattress pad, it’s highly recommended to buy two of them and both waterproof. Why two – in order to have a backup. The pad should be thin, few centimeters thick. Does not cover the mattress with a plastic bag, always use a pad, it is waterproof on its own and plastic bag is hazardous as well as unhealthy.

The sheet you select should definitely be of natural material – cotton preferably. It will allow the skin of your baby to breath, keeping him or her healthy and comfortable.

Baby crib bedding does not have to use a blanket, unless you wrap your baby, since blankets can suffocate babies. So it’s much safer to use a wearable blanket or a swaddle wrap of any organic material. The wearable blanket lets your baby move around easily.

It is also recommended to remove comforters, pillows, quilts, sheepskins, stuffed toys out of the crib before a certain age to avoid any threat.

Baby crib bedding should be a comfortable place for the baby and it has to be easy to use for a parent as well. The materials should be easily washable and most importantly healthy. Provide a safe and pleasurable sleeping environment for your child with the few tips we suggested.