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Use natural rugs to create a safe

Use natural rugs to create a safe environment

Rugs are definitely a smart choice to decorate your rooms in elegant style. With lots of efforts to save environment across the globe more number of people are moving towards buying items made up of natural material .If you are looking for rugs to cover your room flooring, you should definitely consider natural rugs because of no harm caused by them to the environment and are safe for family members and kids to use.

There are a huge range and variety of natural rugs available in the market in different shapes and sizes. You can choose any one matching the furniture and furnishing of your room. But make it sure that it is well coordinated with the interiors of your room to get a perfect effect. There are numerous benefits of using natural rugs.

Benefits are:

  • These rugs are made up of 100 % natural resources which are renewable and replenished without much effect on the environment. The material is environmentally friendly and biodegradable.
  • Rugs made up of natural fiber do not omit any harmful gas or any unsafe chemical is not used in the manufacturing of these rugs. When the rug is new it will give a specific smell which will stop after a few days of usage.
  • These types of rugs are durable and can withstand lots of wear and tear for longer years.
  • These are stain resistant and easy to clean without damaging the looks of the rug.
  • The Rug is woven together into knots to get a perfect look and design.

Some of the popular fibers which are used for the manufacturing of rugs natural in properties:

Wool: This is a super durable fiber, which is best suited for high traffic areas use. The material has its own natural resiliency. A wax coat helps in protecting the natural fiber from stains and it is helpful in absorbing in harmful particles available in the air.

Bamboo: It is a hard wearing choice and a stronger material .It is a fast growing plant so available in abundance. These rugs are used by Asian people more because of durable material and aesthetic charm.

Jute: These are the oldest type of natural rug .Jute is usually grown up in the warm and humid locations which result in softest rug.

Seagrass: These rugs are made up of grasses woven into each other to create unique patterns. The texture is smooth with a natural shine which is stain resistant. The material is durable which can be easily maintained.

There so many other natural fibers with which rugs are made .So you need to choose according to your preferences and affordability.You can check retail stores to get an idea about latest patterns.