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Unlock the beauty with Black and
whitedecor of your bedroom

Unlock the beauty with Black and whitedecor of your bedroom

Bring out the effect of yin and yang in your bedroom with combination of black and white color. The fusion of black and white bedroom is evergreen and effortlessly elegant, it never goes old and it is also not come in the ambit of modernity.This ultimate couple, black and white, suits on both masculine and feminine bedroom.

Decorate your room in classy combination of black and white color:

Black and white bedrooms convey a modernised and classic appearance. Ifyou are a bare minimalist or a hopeless romantic person, then you should use professional decorating ideas to create a black and white bedroom in your dream house. It looks very dramatic when you give an essence of black color in a white themed room or an essence of white color in a black themed room.

  • Wall and Window: white color creates a natural background or provides coolness to the eyes. You can also add a mural in a blend of black and white color for decorating a bedroom wall. Not only wall ceiling and but curtains should be matching colors too.
  • Floor and tiles: While decorating your bedroom in fusion of black and white, you can also give a similar touch to your floor by attaching black and white tiles on it.
  • Furniture: Black furniture against a white wall creates an amazing contrast. Black couch with white cushions gives a stunning look to your bedroom.

White and black bedroom ideas:

When it comes to seasonal decorating, a light color set the mood in a living room, where the basic zebra combination sprinkled with touches of autumnal color. Using black and white themed bedroom does not mean that you cannot put any other color; it only represents a bold contrast. Black and white wallpaper pattern like sport theme, music theme, butterfly theme, etc. create the infinity and harmony and also fill up these colors your life.

Here are some ideas of decorating of your bedroom with mixture of white and black color.

  • Chess board designs for room
  • Check painting for walls
  • White walls for summer
  • Contesting each wall in black and white fusion
  • Black and white furniture with black and white wall

Black and white bedroom for teenagers:

If you are decorating or designing a bedroom for a teen ensure your teen’s value and preferences and do not forget that he or she is growing adult For an attractive teenage bedroom design ,all your interior decoration should be in harmony.

Black wallpaper or white paint indulges the power of dignity, but also can built a barrier among your teens. According to Feng Shui, this zebra combination in your teen’s bedroom creates harmonious feelings, but if not properly balanced, can interfere with positive changes.