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A Dressing Table – The Smile Maker

A Dressing Table – The Smile Maker

How often one stands in front of a dressing table and have a smile? The answer would be every time. It is a must have piece of furniture in any household. It can be as large as a cupboard or as small as a briefcase, but a dressing table is inevitable. It is a beautiful piece of furniture. The elegant curves, the shiny surface, and the various drawers and the mirror all makes up for an exquisite piece of artistic work.

A dressing table – A Space Maker

It saves a lot of space. One can store a huge pile of knickknacks and trinkets in the cubby holes of a table that would otherwise be scattered all over the place. All in one place is a convenient way to store all the makeup things. A cute piece of furniture sitting snug against the wall of the room can hold many things and save a lot of space. All the cosmetics, makeup kit, combs, powder puffs, lotion  tubes all can be conveniently placed inside  in separate compartments and can be found easily.

There is nothing like a well designed dressing table which has the right options in the right place. A perfectly place mirror, conveniently placed drawers, and sufficient table space can give a very comfortable and pleasant dressing experience. A full-length mirror fixed in a cupboard, or a mirror that fixed to the wall cannot in anyway replace a dressing table. A well designed piece of such furniture can offer a perfect view of oneself which could make dressing and applying makeup very easy and expedient.

A Beauty Maker

It is a beauty maker in all the sense: sitting in front of it one can make oneself beautiful by applying makeup and cosmetics. In the other sense, it being an artistic piece can beautify one’s room. It is often refreshing to look at a beautiful piece standing against the wall in the room. A well chosen one complements the color and decor of a room and adds to the pleasant appearance of the place. It merges with the background of the place and becomes a part of the decor. It can always change an ordinary room into a special one by adding that luxurious shade to the appearance of the place.

Having said this, it is very important to choose the right one table to suit the place in which it will be placed. The color, design and texture of the chosen piece should suit the interior design of a room. The aesthetics should complement the appearance of the room. A wrong choice would result in making it, an odd man out in the room. However, people are usually very careful and selective in choosing the right one. If you do not possess one, don’t think twice, go for it, it will definitely be a useful buy and would be a smile maker, a space maker, and a beauty maker.