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Tips To Create A Modern And Shabby Chic

Tips To Create A Modern And Shabby Chic Bedroom

As the name suggests it is something which is completely chic. The shabby is only in the name and doesn’t give the design anything which is shabby. This is simplistic and helps to keep the design also simplistic. In this style you can look at comfort and a touch of muted colors of pink, blue and white. In this kind of design there is no dark shades involved, there is nothing bright or shining. The idea is to give softness to the entire bedroom.  The linens that are used and the window treatments which are added are all elegant and can be sometimes called as products from a different era.

The advantages of getting a shabby chic bedroom

The bedroom is a very important place and it is the same for both adults and kids. Most people think that this requires a lot of maintenance and then they would go ahead and not think of using the shabby chic bedroom design. This however is nothing but a notion as this design is versatile for every room. The most important place to use it would be in the children’s bedroom as the materials are washable by machine very easily and the dog is quite friendly.

Shabby Chic look and delicates

Most people think that the shabby chic bedroom would have a very delicate look, however it is quite contrary. You can look at making your entire bedroom to look shabby chic. This would include fabrics, lights and curtains that you can buy at your local store. There are some places which would even give you chair covers and pillows to complete the whole shabby chic bedroom look. There is not one way in which you can design, depending on your design ideas it can be different.

Inviting atmosphere and the shabby chic bedroom

When you mix your old furniture and some new upholstery then you can go ahead and get an inviting atmosphere in the room. The look may not be perfect however you would go ahead and get a more comfortable look. This also adds a lot of character into the room. Adding old furniture makes the bedroom look vintage and chic at the same time.

There are different designs which we know are available in the market, each of the designs help change the way the bedroom looks. This is your space and you should decide on how you need to design. This is also where the design of shabby look also comes. You don’t have to incorporate the whole style; you just need to add some aspects to get the touch just right for your feel.

Doesn’t matter what you choose, this is your style and your choice.