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Sofa designs:  a guide to buying  sofa bed

Sofa designs:  a guide to buying sofa bed

It is a fact that there are some people who are not lucky enough to own a house with a guest room but the good news is that with a sofa bed, you will be able to comfortably host your friends or close friends because of their convenience and functionality.

With these sofa designs, you will be in a position to buy the best sofa bed;

  • Styles

Sofa beds are available in different styles like;

  1. Futon

It is the simplest sofa bed version and they are made of a single cushion on top of either metal or wood; these sofas can be unfolded and used as a bed or folded into a seat.

  1. Sleeper sofa

It is an ideal choice if you have one guest because it can only fold out into a twin size bed; they are very stylish and they come in different styles like shabby versions, tufted and overstuffed sofas.

  1. Pullout couch

This is the traditional sofa bed because of its double function; it serves as a comfortable king size bed and full size sofa.

  • Functionality

It is also important to consider the functionality of the sofa bed before buying; you have to ensure that the sofa can be folded and unfolded without any difficulties and make sure that you understand its operational mechanism;

  1. Click clack

It’s the simplest mechanism that folds and unfolds any sofa bed; it is done by pulling the frame on the sofa forward until it clicks.

  1. Pullout

This is the latest mechanism and it is easy to apply because it uses a handle; all you have to do is to reach the handle and pull it into a bed and vice versa.

  1. Power open mechanism

It is an automatic high tech mechanism.

These sofa designs will always help you buy the best sofa beds for your home.