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Small space simple bathroom designs – a
  designer concept

Small space simple bathroom designs – a designer concept

A Bathroom or Wash room is that room in the house used for private sanitation. It is also a place where we can spend some time to just relax and de-stress ourselves after a stressful and taxing day. Relaxing in a warm tub of water or even a quick shower after a tiring day can be really rejuvenating.

Today a bathroom design is not what it used to be in earlier times, rather extra efforts are being made to beautify it in an aesthetic way and provide lots of space and comfort to the hilt.

A bathroom design is based on your personality and personal needs. If space and budget is not a problem then you can choose one of the modern designs to make it visually beautiful. You can go in for a spa-like environment with all the added upscale facilities that include granite or onyx countertops, stylish lavatories, designer taps and showers, water closet fittings and other bathroom fixtures and accessories. Large mirrors in a bathroom widen the space through optical illusion and add beauty and style too.

Good and fancy lighting will bring out the best from the mosaic tiles used on the walls. Blue tiles can project an ocean like atmosphere to give a soothing effect to overall look of the bathroom. At times a combination of dark and light colors adds an element of sophistication. A textured wall is highlighted and complimented with another color used for cabinet doors to make it very appealing to the eyes. Today bathrooms are no longer a room for basic necessities instead they have become designer rooms that need to be flaunted.