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Shabby Chic Wardrobe for Your New Modern

Shabby Chic Wardrobe for Your New Modern Lifestyle

Are you in search of a new modern wardrobe for your clothes and accessories? That is not a bad quest but what about your shabby chic wardrobe? It is still in awesome shape and wonderful state? The paint is a little scratched and looks worn out but that is not a damage that would affect its efficacy and usability. As far it is a pure wood manufactured item, you cannot down size its value because of some scratched paint spots. Painting it anew and getting it back into its novel status takes a couple of hours but saves you from a lot of hassle, expenses and abrupt changes at home.

Shabby chic wardrobe needs a few options of paint shades to choose from. You have light pink, white, light grey, off-white, cream and smoky. These shades are for modern home styles and furniture and walls; these shades instill a sense of modern lifestyle. Pick any of these shades and empty your wardrobe and if possible drag it in the yard or balcony. Now you have your time to clean and sand it thoroughly. Rub it clean at the end with a dry towel and it is ready that you apply the paint.

For a smoother and more elegant look of it, apply 2-3 coats of paint. After the first coat is fully dry apply the second and then the third. This re-paint is highly effective for protecting the wood from humid air effects and keeping the fabric-eating moths away.  Here you go with your shabby chic wardrobe – novel and lovely!