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Simple backyard garden landscape
design  ideas?

Simple backyard garden landscape design  ideas?

A garden design is a theme or style on which you base the appearance and arrangement of your garden. This can be done using plants, ornaments, water features or furniture. The use of a birdhouse or birdfeeder can often attract local wildlife and also act as a decoration. A specific garden design can be created to suit the area you have to work with, or you can choose one yourself from a catalogue.

There is usually a recurring theme or style in a garden design, for example a “classic” look might be created through the use of a white picket fence and uniform bushes. The use of color can contribute to a specific look, as blacks and grays are often associated with an urban theme while browns are more traditional.

Often there may be room in your garden for something like a children’s swing set or climbing frame, and by rearranging what’s in your garden to use the space there efficiently you can fit more in.


A garden design is usually a long-term investment as it can be quite expensive. This means that you may need to look into maintenance; fences might need repainting, bushes need pruning or cutting back, and you need to prevent overgrowth and pull out weeds on a regular basis.

In conclusion, although there is some upkeep involved, a garden design is an opportunity to discover the potential your garden holds, and use it to not only express yourself but also facilitate hobbies such as gardening.