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Simple and Stylish Bay Window Curtains

Simple and Stylish Bay Window Curtains

Bay windows are the windows which is built to project the outwards of the house from the outside wall. And Bay windows are made in many different style and designs and that is why it is the most common and important part of the house. Bay window can be a full floor to ceiling or can be smaller sized window but every style and design needs a better design and styling of curtains for the window. And hence, bay window curtains are chosen very carefully to decorate. Bay window curtains are available in wide varieties.

One of many designs are the Barry Dixon designed bay window curtains which are known for its creativity and utilization of space. These curtains are hung using a circular rod which fits right up in the bay and out in the main room. These curtains gives an option to create a room within a room situation.Another choice of design is Walker’s Draperies which presents the window in a traditional manner with a cornice treatment which outlines the shape of the bay. The curtains are made as such that they create a very dramatic architectural look. And that gives a great effect to the window.

Another great idea is of the London shades which is very romantic and exuberant. It provides three separate treatments mounted above every window and these are made from linen and can be raised or lowered for light control. This curtains provide a very casual look to the window.

Next in our list of Bay window curtain is functional roman shade which is fixed over the top of the window and just like the London shades, this style provides option to lower the shades or can be raised for light and privacy control. However this shades are available in striking pattern and fabric that shine.

Now its time for the bamboo shades for the windows in the corner. Bamboo shades can also be raised or lowered according to the need. This can be available in striped silk drapery panels on decorative rods but some might choose to have full closing drapery for warmth.

Balloon valances are also good choice and with the right colours it provides softness to the bay window. Valances are attached on boards which are fitted over the top of the windows. This way of mounting the curtains gives a simpler look. And for dramatic look, this can be fitted outside the bay window.

Bay Windows curtains come in many different shapes and sizes and it can come in simple clean lined design patterns or can come in architectural looks to create a drama in the looks or feminine looks. So, decorate wisely with your choice of Bay window curtains.