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Should you buy a small round glass
side  table ?

Should you buy a small round glass side  table ?

What is a side table? A side table is a small table designed to go at the side of your bed, armchair or sofa. It usually accommodates alarm clocks, ornaments, photographs or telephones. There are many different materials it can be made from, and you’re not limited in terms of size or shape, you just need to be careful not to buy a side table that’s too big to fit (for example) in between the wall and your armchair.

How can a side table improve the look of the room? Side tables can be made from glass, plastic, wood or metal, and then in a variety of styles. If you’re looking for something contemporary and classy, then glass is often your best bet. It’s important to bear in mind the fact that glass can shatter, and so this is a fairly risky choice if you have children or a dog.

Wood is a more traditional, sturdy option, with oak or pine being popular. Plastic isn’t as expensive, however it is just as durable, and an option you may want to consider if you’re worried about your side table getting damaged.

Not only are there different designs, but also different colors. Glass can be stained and wood painted, so you can choose a side table that compliments the colors or themes recurrent in your room.

In summary, a side table is a useful and stylish investment; however there are other factors such as durability to take into account.