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Short blackout curtains ideas for bedroom

Short blackout curtains ideas for bedroom

Bedroom curtains are an essential part of a bedroom. Not only do they control the lighting of the room, their style and color also adds to the theme of the bedroom. In order to choose an ideal pair of bedroom curtains, one must keep in mind the following steps. Firstly, you should keep in mind the size and type of your window. For example, for large windows, one must choose curtains which are long enough to cover the windows. Similarly, if the windows are made of glass, an appropriate choice of curtains would be cloth blinds, which look elegant with glass.

Next you must remember how well-lit your room is to choose the material of the curtains. If your windows are small and they don’t let a lot of light pass through them, then you should go for a light, flimsy material i.e. organza or paper silk. On the other hand, if your windows let too much light pass through them and you want something to darken the room at times, the best choice of curtain material would be heavy velvet or silk. You could also use lined curtains for this purpose, to maximize the effect.

Thirdly, the color of the curtain is very important. The color you choose should go along with the overall theme of your room. That way, they would blend in with your room and add to the effect you initially had in mind while choosing that certain theme.

Once you follow these steps, your bedroom curtains would become a fitting element of your room.