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Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Painted Kitchen Cabinets

As the cabinets in your kitchen make the biggest portion of your kitchen, any change in them reflects on the whole environment and alters the look of your kitchen. You may have thought of planning some changes in your kitchen to revamp the place.  You can bring some more decorating items or replace the kitchen furniture if your budget is high.  Replace the curtains and may fix a couple of higher voltage bulbs to brighten up your kitchen at dark hours. But apart from all these, there is something you can do that can bring a revolutionary change in your kitchen style and looks. Go for painted kitchen cabinets!

Painted cabinets does not really need that you buy new ones but you can rejuvenate your old cabinets with a new coat of paint. Choose a color that is going to pair with the wall paint, curtains and the furniture in your kitchen. A look at the images below can give you a clear idea how to blend your new paint with the existing environment.

Before applying the paint on the cabinets, take premier-sealer and apply it on the entire surface area you are going to paint. Leave it to dry and then paint the cabinets. This gives a glossy surface to the cabinets making them look stronger and newer.

Whether you select light cool paint colors or go for rich and bold shades, imagine the environment of your kitchen with the new color choice.  Your whole kitchen should look coherent in its color theme and style with new painted kitchen cabinets.