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Pretty Girl Bedroom Ideas for Varying

Pretty Girl Bedroom Ideas for Varying Ages

A girl’s bedroom nowadays is not relegated to the traditional pink theme and frilly beds anymore. Today’s girl bedroom is varied and is as custom as the girl’s personality and preferences of color, styles and motifs with endless possibilities. Coupled with girl bedroom ideas it is easier to get the perfect chic and elegant bedroom for your princess.

The design ideas are broad for each stage of growth, from the baby girl nursery to young girl’s bedroom, preteen to teen bedrooms, there are endless possibilities of ideas to choose from. Here are a few girl bedroom ideas to give your princess’ sanctuary a stunning look it deserves.

Baby girl nurseries

Your little cute princess also deserves that stunning look for her sanctuary just like the grown-ups. You can feature the nursery with a colorful nature motif containing trees on the walls and leaves on the bedding. You can also have a floral rug for their space to spice up the nature motif.

Toddler girl space

As the little girl ages, you can include a multi-purpose crib that can break down into a toddler’s bed. Toddlers love fairy tales, hence for a fairy tale nursery, you can feature a carriage toddler bed and a crib to accommodate your growing child. A toddler car bed isn’t for boys only, it can also delight any little growing girl as well.

Young girl’s little haven

For a young girl who is past the toddler age, things begin to change a little. You may consider having a formal bedroom with twin beds and a large armoire for two young girls. You can also incorporate small furniture such as little pretty sofas, chairs and desks. Be sure to align the furniture with your princess’ favorite colors. You can have the beds with little kitty themes on the headboard for your preteen and teen girls.