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Three bin laundry hamper : choose
the  best one for your home

Three bin laundry hamper : choose the  best one for your home

With separate compartments for dark, lights and colors, this laundry hamper makes it easy to sort and organize your laundry. The laundry bin comes in fabric and feature handles & wheels for easy maneuverability. It includes compartments for dark, lights & colors. Using a bin is one of the first “big kid” tasks most children can master. So it makes in reach of the kids too. The bin has a waterproof interior coating for damp clothes and towels too. They are an ideal storage for laundry, toys, an office waste paper basket and more.

The most impressive element of this piece is the way the lid curves beautifully. It is carefully constructed to curve back easily and seductively. It begs to be used! We even got wooden styled crafted bins for villas as per the style quotient. It is sealed with a water-based protective coating, the only maintenance required is to regularly wipe clean with a damp cloth to remove dirt and dust. The choice of shape is born within a tradition of craftsmanship and artistic concepts. laundry bin is also influenced by modern design concepts and the simplicity of style.

The result is a unique collection, characterized by graceful elegance, where each piece combines exceptional lightness with a formal sobriety, free from interfering decorations. When the basket is closed, the bag is hidden within while the precisely fitted lid creates a seamless and smooth look. When the basket is open the lid can practically hang on the side of the bin.

All products have been designed and manufactured in a small-scale setting, allowing a convergence of advanced technology, selected raw materials and solid craftsmanship, guaranteeing the integrity and functionality, while conferring a hallmark to each piece.