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It is not sofa or it is not a bed it is
futon bed

It is not sofa or it is not a bed it is futon bed

People wish everything extra from pencil to plane in their life. They want to get something extra with regular effort. So they combine things to fulfil their wish. Combining things will reduce individual expense for each thing. This reduction of expense is used for something else and in that also people wish to get profit. It is also a source of positive attitude. This mentality resulted in the idea of futon bed. In this bed, a single mattress along with the adjustable frame enables you to use this bed also as a sofa, which is framed in wooden or steel. This sofa cum bed is a space saver of your living room. You can make your family sleep in living room at special occasions. You can spend your weekend with your family in your living room itself. Imagine your son’s college friends visited your house as a part of their journey, what you would do if you don’t have enough beds? If you had this in your living room it is a small task to adjust the frame and make it as a bed.

These futon beds are designed for easy access. Your task is very simple, just turn angled back rest of the sofa to flat condition, and unfold your mattress which was folded to serve as a sofa to prepare your bed. Frames made of teak, oak woods will last long for many years. Steel frames are durable and comes less weighted. There are many models which serve even as a double deck children bed. As children want their bed in bright colours it is easier to keep a sofa as a bed. You can choose a bed with pulling mechanism so that just pulling a rope will turn your sofa into a bed.

This dual purpose of single furniture is useful in many houses which are smaller in size and could not allocate more space for separate guest bedroom. These beds also enable you to store some things if it is fully upholstered sofa cum bed. They come with drawers in built. Other unique features are also available with specific designs. Your duty lies in your choice of design which you choose while buying. Select an apt sized bed to suit your living room with its interior also. If your living room has much number of rose wood furniture, select rose wood frame and go for a light colour mattress. This bright and light colour combination will give your room an elegant look to impress your visitors. They cannot find variation from ordinary sofa and futon bed. It will be a surprise for them if you turn your sofa into a bed in a moment