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Exclusive bathroom tiles for a
designer  bathroom

Exclusive bathroom tiles for a designer  bathroom

Tiles are made of a hard-wearing material like ceramic, stone, metal and sometimes glass. They are used to cover walls and floor and come in a very wide range from the plain square tiles to complex mosaic ones in various sizes and shapes. The ceramic tiles are usually glazed for internal purposes and the unglazed ones are typically used for roofing. Tiles are made of marble, granite, onyx or slate. Walls are covered with thinner tiles in comparison to floors which require a more durable material.

Earlier it was felt that bathrooms were a basic necessity and so not much attention was paid to them. Modern bathrooms are luxurious and chic where tiles and fittings are the ultimate style statement. Bathroom Tiles are functional tiles that have some particular types of fixtures related to bathrooms, like germ-free tiles to prevent bacteria, anti-skid tiles to prevent slipping or the digital tiles to make your bathroom look aesthetically beautiful as well.

An extensive range of tiles both contemporary and functional are available in a large array of colors, styles, textures and designs. Virtuosity is one basic factor when it comes to selecting bathroom tiles.  It is the tile’s ability to absorb water so vitreous tiles are the right choice in areas that are prone to a lot of water. Glass tiles look very elegant but can be used in mosaics or at a focal point on the wall.

Decorative tiles can be got in numerous patterns like stripes, leaves, flowers or birds etc. These can be used as a border or at some particular point to accentuate the wall. Limestone tiles are perfect for flooring or counter tops.