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convertible couch bunk bed

convertible couch bunk bed

Bunk Bed Couch is very useful if you have a small home and you are having a guests or couple to stay at your home. The double-decker take less space as bed frame is stacked over the top of another and it allows two or more people to sleep in the same place. They are a great solution to maximize space in smaller apartments as you can convert it into bed at night and at daytime you can use it as a couch.

You can also call it a practical furniture transformer as it helps you to convert your living room into the bedroom with two sleeping places. They are fully functional beds which save a lot of space in your room. Bunk Bed Couch is easily convertible in few quick adjustments. When it’s open in Bed shape, it hides the couch and closing it makes the complete Sofa.

Bunk Bed Couch comes in different designs in a market depending on the colour, size, shape and styles. Bunk beds are perfect for kids, adult and teens. These bunk bed systems have safety features including a barrier around the top stack and a locking mechanism.

The arm rests can be high or low depending on the design and your choice. Some bunk beds are not only designed for small apartments, but also for higher education hostels and hotels. Some of the designs have a separate ladder for the upper bunk.