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Get your sofa dressed with the sofa

Get your sofa dressed with the sofa covers

Are you looking for some tips for choosing your sofa cover? Then try the points given below carefully. When you are thinking about the sofa covers to buy for your sofa set, then you should get understand the nature of the essence of styling your sofa. Just like you look after the weight of the fabric, color, texture and fittings of the dress you wear, here also, you have to look after the fabric, color, texture and fittings of the cover of the sofa. You should look after the points that which cover would look best with the color of the wall and the other furniture.

Here are some tips which you should consider while buying the sofa cover for your sofa set:

  • The slipcovers which you will find in the market will change the get up of your sofa without changing the actual feel of underlying structure. Therefore, if the springs of the sofa is sticking out or if your sofa is a lumpy one, then only slipcovers will not work that much. Because a slipcover is a type of just a cosmetic change, it does not change the structure of the sofa. So you have to fix the problems before buying a cover. Otherwise this expense will be of no use.
  • There are many different types of slipcovers with varied looks from a tailored one to some flowing loose cover. You have to decide whether you want to keep it loose or fitted with the sofa. But it is better to select a tailored one as it projects the lines and edges of the sofa and give a formal look.
  • You have to check the weight of the fabric, because some fabrics are heavy and cannot be fitted into the sofa properly. Go for the medium weight fabrics.
  • Textured fabrics such as damask twill and denim gives a wrinkle free look and you will get the actual feel of the furniture.
  • Check the shape of the covers. Because sometimes you may find a cover very attractive and matches your preferences, but it may not get fitted with your sofa. It is very important for the cover to fit well to avoid a clumsy and odd look. If the shape of the cover is fine then the shape of your sofa will get accomplished with the use of the sofa cover.
  • Details of the cover should be checked, like welting is an attractive part in a cover. You can buy the cover with welting or you can make the cover all by yourself. Contrasting welting is a good point to project the lines of the sofa.
  • The sofa cover should not touch the floor. Its length should be appropriate. You can also leave the bottom of your sofa exposed.