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kitchen light

The Kitchen is a place of a house where a woman spends maximum time while in the house. So it should be a comfortable place to cook and eat. A place full of light and fresh air, but still if your kitchen is located in such direction where natural light is available less you can have great artificial lightening in the kitchen area to improve the looks and visibility while being present there. If you are redesigning your kitchen area you should plan and research in advance to have proper fitting of kitchen light to get effects properly as thought.

Few questions which need to be answered before well to have a perfect kitchen light system in your house to make the place comfortable and lively to cook.

  • Set a budget –You need to decide how much you are willing to spend .The budget includes all light fixtures , wires , switches , shades and bulbs which will be required while completing the whole process
  • The Next question is lightening plan of the kitchen area where you need to blend the lighting with the architectural and decorative items available in the area. A detailed plan or layout will be helpful in understanding the lighting needs.
  • If you have a limited budget and do not want to spend much on expensive lights you can have a series or a panel in the center of the kitchen
  • Check the available space in the kitchen which will be helpful in determing the amount of light required and in which area. Check the activities and areas where major rush is to make that area full of light.

Type of kitchen lighting:

You need to understand that lighting plan f kitchen is different than plan of lights in any other room. A single source of light will not be sufficient in the kitchen area so lights in the kitchen are not only for aesthetic purpose but also due to their functionality. A Variety of lights available in the market like LED lights which with less power provides extra brightness in the room due to extra layers of light in it.

Chore Lighting: It is a practical type of light which helps in providing adequate light in the kitchen area which is helpful in core tasks like chopping and cutting perfectly .Most of the accidents occur due to shortage of light in kitchen area. Less light can strain your eyes also.

Indirect lights: It helps in providing a pleasant glow in the kitchen area .It helps in softening shadows in the kitchen.

So you need to understand about various types of lights available in the market and their importance and use in your kitchen area.