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Efficient bathroom vanity  units

Efficient bathroom vanity  units

Modern furnishing is very attentive to efficient use of space. Our bathrooms have usually been the rooms that caused least efficiency in space consumption. With bathroom vanity units we don’t need to lose any space, on the quite contrary we are capable of organizing the bathroom very beautifully and efficiently at the same time.

Bathroom vanity units are the storages that go below the sink. Most shops offer us matching such units with the sinks we choose, so it’s easy to select the unity we like and the design of our bathroom is flexible.

The sizes and shapes of bathroom vanity units are different. They mainly depend on the size of the sink or the space available to us. You can choose vanity units with one door, several doors, drawers, etc. Some even allow building toilets in the units, when the flushing mechanism looks like another unit.

The best usage for bathroom vanity units is for storing things you constantly need in the bathroom – toothpaste and toothbrush, soaps, shower gels, shampoos if you have unit above your sink, while for the units below your sink you can use them to store toilet papers, towels, cleaning chemicals and many more. This way you don’t need to have different bottles on the display and your bathroom looks tidier.

The main thing you need to consider for bathroom vanity units is the material and the paint. They have to be waterproof and durable, since units stand in the moisture area. So carefully select and make sure they will last long enough.