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Different colors of diy bedroom wall  decor

Different colors of diy bedroom wall  decor

Decorating your home is an art that has been also known as effective means through which one can convey their thoughts. Art of diy wall décor will be interpreted in numerous ways. Decorative painting is liked by almost every diy decorator for different exciting possibilities and makes them to provide an inexpensive ways for perking your homes. In a sense an artist regarding decorative painting will push the home decorating envelop.

Faux finishes from alabaster to onyx and from breccia to serpentine are available to the decorator of diy wall décor that is quite handy to raise the glam factor of a home décor as well as tying the décor style dictated through one acquisition of metallic art or magnificent wall grilles.

If the possibilities of diy excite you to try at decorative painting, then you must have the knowledge of different types of paint colors. Green concern will make the water based paint quite popular.

Latex paint- this paint uses both acrylic resin and the vinyl resin together or can be individually used.

Craft acrylic paint- this is acrylic resin paint and are available in many colors, also in iridescent, fluorescent as well as metallic versions.

Ceramic paint- this paint is formulated for the ceramic surfaces.

Fabric paint- this paint is manufactured for fabrics and to avoid stiffness thus, applies it lightly. The painted fabric will be dry cleaned or machine washed once heat set.

Aerosol acrylic paint- this paint dry easily and cover the wall well. Extremely handy and can be quickly applied also suited for irregular surface.