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Decorate your room with woven rugs to get
luxurious look

Decorate your room with woven rugs to get luxurious look

Rugs are in our furnishing since ages and a room decoration is incomplete without it. Rugs are manufactured in bulk in various styles and patterns which are available at reasonable prices. But if you are looking for something that is unique and reflects your class you should possess a hand woven rug. Hand woven rugs a beautiful piece of furnishing to add elegance to the room. It adds style and comfort along with looking gorgeous making the owner feel pride for a treasured possession.

Types of hand woven rugs are:

  • Persian handmade rugs: As the name refers these rugs are luxuriant and a privilege for the owner of the rug. The designs are contemporary along with solid colors with various shapes included in it. The borders of the rugs are graceful with geometric and conventional patterns. Floral drawing is also a part of these Persian rugs.
  • Caucasian handmade rugs: These rugs are available in a huge variety range with various names such as Baku Chila, Kuba, Talish and many more. These rugs are made up of tuskish colors and colors used are made of natural material only. It is usually made up of wool only and are available in various shapes and sizes , so you can choose according to your requirement only.
  • Oriental handmade rugs: These rugs are loud in colors with geometric patterns used in it. It still follows the old age pattern of designing the rugs with asymmetrical knots to shape the carpet.
  • Indian handmade rugs: High intense designs which are inspired from old Persian style rugs provide perfection in any size of room. A Material used in the manufacturing of the Indian rugs is soft and shiny and usually wool from Kashmir.

Hand woven rugs are exclusive in designs and made by the experts who are in this field since ages. It is not made with the help of any machine and takes long time to complete one piece. It requires great understanding about the designs and the weaving method to get class rugs. These rugs are high in prices in comparison to the factory made rugs.

You can check various sellers available on the web to buy handmade rugs for your house. You need to research in detailed about the authenticity and reliability of the sellers that hey are selling original handmade rugs .These rugs are costly so do not buy in a hurry rather compare the price details and material used details in detailed to grab the best deals. You can even contact the artist, which make rugs and sell in the retail market. You can even get it customized as per the interiors of your room or house.