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Cushiony experience: sofa cushions

Cushiony experience: sofa cushions

When you return home, tired and weary from work, the first thing that grabs your attention is the cushiony comfort of that lovely sofa and you just sink into it. Ahhhhh!!! What bliss!!! All that painstaking work involved in choosing the right sofa and the cushions that go with it have paid off. So.. How does one choose the cushions?

The chic cushions

A variety of designs and fabrics are used. Before shopping for cushions it would do a lot of good to decide the type of cushions you need. Do you need a bolster, or a throw cushion, a back rest or a head rest? Depending on the requirement choose the dimensions.  Many chic cushion fabric designs are available. They range from silks to synthetics. The cushions can have embroidered covers or plain ones of even embellished with tassels and frills. The choice is yours. Pick the design that works for you. Just ensure that it matches the décor and the upholstery of your furniture.

The number game

The question that often plagues us is- how many cushions is the right number to use with the décor. The answer- as many as makes you comfortable. The more the merrier of course that does not mean that you crowd the sofa with cushions. Again here you could use a number of cushions in contrasting colors to give the room a vibrant ambience. Cushions placed in clusters on the sofa or casually tossed on the floor exude a delectable charm and grace.