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“table de salon” for living  room

“table de salon” for living  room

“Table de salon” is a type of furniture, which is used for the table. We can call it the coffee table, as well as the cocktail table. It is generally used in living room or sitting room. It can be large or small. The size of the table is depending on the size of a sofa. Because it is placed in front of the sofa. We can place some decorative things, magazines, and books etc. During some parties, we can place food plates or drinks on it.

The “table de salon” has some cabinets or drawers for storing something. There is a huge variety of living room table available in the market. It has different colors, sizes or style. Often the coffee table is made of either wood or metal. It can be made of glass and other wood or metal materials such as stainless steel or aluminum also.

Here we are presenting some types of “table de salon”:

  • Types of “table de salon” according to style: there are many styles of coffee table are available. It can be a traditional table which has turned legs, carving tops. It is made of rich wood. Contemporary tables are very popular in nowadays. Glass top and metal based is a common style of it.
  • Types of the table top materials: There is a huge variety of material available. Metal is the most popular material for the coffee table such as iron, steel aluminum. Another popular material is glass. It gives an amazing look but needs more maintenance.