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Create attractive looks with small home

Create attractive looks with small home design

Now, having a small house is not a matter of worry. One can use small home design the same in the most stylish and attractive way ever.

The first step comes up with raising the roof of the home. This will make the room look a little big. It can’t be done so, use a dark color on the floor. This will provide a depth to the room and will make it look a little bigger than it is actually.Rather than using traditional window panes to try using glass windows, as glass walls seem to bring the plants in the room itself and at the same time we can bring the outside view inside. By this method we can trick the eye into the feeling there is more space than there is in reality.

A bright, bold geometric painting when kept in the dining area will anchor the part of the great room. Try more and more lights on the ceiling as it creates the illusion of skylights everywhere.In such a home which is so small, a table having a glass top should be given priority over the other options available. The transparent look will provide the eyes to go through it and will create an illusion of having much space.

Furniture should always be placed in a three dimensional ways. This way more space can be created by occupying the little spaces that generally go waste when furniture are kept in a two dimensional ways. Expandable and foldable furniture and fixtures are more appropriate in such a home where we are bounded by space factor.