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Cover you Window by Window Valances

Cover you Window by Window Valances

The prominent and stylish window is need of every home décor. A bare window is rarely a perfect choice. When it’s come to window treatments, you certainly cannot forget valances that give a window a complete look. Whatever the fabric, texture and patterns, these always establish a room’s style.

This little piece of furniture does a lot job in room décor. They hang across the top of the window, addingcolor, pattern and softness the window.

Sometimes it works as a complete window treatment. They are easy to clean and take little space. Where there is no need of privacy, valances can cover all the area, but for some security and privacy concerns, the valances paired with blind, shade and shutters.

Simple valances:

Simple valances look casual and also do manual treatment. They are particularly working for kitchen, bathroom and sometimes for dining areas. For a small, simple window valance is a perfect choice.

Box- Pleated Valances:

Pleated valances are a classic decorative style of window treatment. Theses valances are specially designed for the living room, master room and dining room, where you want a fresh atmosphere and formal air. Valance color should match your table cover, bed skirts and bedsheets.

Swag design valances:

A simple swag on a window gives your room a chic and quite attractive look.  A fabric strip pinched at the corner with scalloped bottom, is the solution of a kitchen window.

Balloon Shades:

With a bouncy look, balloon shades reveal ultimate romantic gestures. Balloon design looks more attractive with solid coloured silk and glazed cotton. Wide window, especially go with Balloon shades.

Line blend scalloped valance:

This new antique lined blend scalloped window valance usually comes in watercolour. Designer bottom with tightly tucked top, these valances are enough to give your room an overall look. White curtains with printed off-white valances enhance the beauty within a room. These are the best choice for living room and bedroom area.

Paint palette tie up valance:

Painted clothe itself looks beautiful. A paintedvalance createssoft yet rich floral designs that frame your window with a lovely garden round. Lovely flower designs not only make you feel calm, but also give your room great attractive appearances.

Blouson valance:

This type of window valance is used widely over drapery panels by many people. Top of this valance is pleated and bottom gives a fluffy yet chic look. Many shades and design are available; some valances contain lines that give it a unique look.

Aristocrat Valance:

This window treatment is a beautiful valance that can dress up any room. Designer look of this valance makes it different. This type of window treatment is widely used when security and privacy has no issues.