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Best small house design tricks

Best small house design tricks

Design of the house is of supreme importance. It is the thing that makes or mars the feel of your complete house. If you have a huge house, there is no such issue of design. But, if you have some limited space to work with, you need to be conscious and make sure that you make full use of every inch. Problem arises when there is restriction of space. Don’t worry. There are few tips that will help you with your small house design.

Borrow from outside: One of the best things that you can do is using glass walls. Not only it will look beautiful but also it will bring the outside inside the room and your room will look bigger and beautiful. What you are actually doing is tricking the eyes of guests and making them feel that the room is actually bigger.

Work with spaces: You must not leave any place or thing empty. You must do something with all of the things including the walls, the ceiling and the floor. You can have some paintings or artistic work on the walls. You can have some decoration on the ceiling as well. You can use carpets on the floors. All such sorts of things will make your room look fuller and bigger.

Outdoor space: As you have a small house, you can’t have an outdoor space as it will make your interior look smaller. What you can do is make an upstairs outdoor. It will save your space and you will be able to enjoy the outdoors.