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Ideas for best contemporary outdoor
wall  lights

Ideas for best contemporary outdoor wall  lights

When you have a nice house with a beautiful garden, there is one more thing you need to make it even more spectacular. With outdoor wall lights your home can become a very original and beautiful sight at night.

It is one thing to light up the door or the entrance to your house in order to provide a welcome to the guests or simply let you easily fit the keys into the door lock, but lighting your walls have more decorative purposes. Outdoor wall lights will let you outline certain shapes and colors.

If for instance you have flowers outside your windows hanging over the wall, lights that will shine down on them will help you show off your landscaping in the night. If your walls have certain texture, a proper light illuminating from above or below will give such texture a spectacular look in the dark.

You can also go traditional and mount lanterns on your walls, adding a decoration to your home not just at night, but during daytime as well.

More modern houses can have multicolor outdoor wall lights that will light up the walls in the color you want.

The direction of the illumination has relevance when choosing outdoor wall lights as well, there are projectors that light down from the top or light up the wall from below, as well as a projector placed in the middle of the wall shining both up and down giving more original edge to your walls. You can also select the lights that will draw certain shape on the wall, depending on your taste and style.