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Best bathroom decorating ideas on a  budget

Best bathroom decorating ideas on a  budget

Redecorating bathroom seems to be the new trend. There are a number of innovative bathroom decorating ideas which you can use to spruce up your bathrooms and add modern touches to them to make them look fresher and bright.

Firstly, you can decide to re-paint your bathroom walls completely, or just one wall. You can choose a different shade than the present one. Usually pastel shades like light blue or light peach look nice in bathrooms. A fresh coat of paint would immediately freshen up your bathroom decorating ideas.

Other than that, you can add different things in your bathrooms.  Light and flimsy hand-painted curtains would look wonderful. You can find tutorials of hand-made and painted curtains on many DIY objects.

You can also add small rugs on the bathroom floor. You can purchase cheap rugs and add some new touches to them like some colored bead or strings according to your bathroom color scheme.

You can also customize the bathroom mirror by adding or pasting smaller mirrors on the borders of the main mirror. You can also choose to hand-paint the mirror. It would add color to the bathroom and make it look fresher.

Plants also add a fresh look to a bathroom. Small, indoor plants would be appropriate for the bathroom. You can place the near the entrance or on the windowsill.  Colored pottery would also add to this fresh effect in the bathroom. You can paint small pots or find some interesting DIY pottery ideas for your bathroom.