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beautiful modern master bathrooms –
a  relaxing area of house

beautiful modern master bathrooms – a  relaxing area of house

We love our bathrooms. Don’t we? Many of us get the chance to visit the emergency room of the hospital because of the slippery floor tiles! Even then, we are fond of our bathrooms. We like them to look beautiful and feel good. Nowadays, bathroom designs are evolving rapidly. We see a lot of captivating bathrooms with distinct looks. Interior designers bring out newer bathroom design ideas frequently.

Let us have a look at some modern trends that make beautiful bathrooms. Some of the important elements of bathroom design are the floor and wall tiles, the fittings and accessories, the lighting, the doorway, the vanity mirror and the sink. These elements designed in the right proportions will create a beautiful bathroom.

Wet floor in bathroom is the main culprit for a lot of home accidents. Non slip floors are known to reduce these incidents as they are more textured and less slippery while comparing with the ceramic tiles. Smaller tiles provide better grip on the floor than larger tiles. Grab bars are seen in some modern bathrooms which are helpful for aged people. The safety should also be considered while designing bathrooms.

A wide variety of bath tubs, showers and other bathroom fixtures and accessories are available in the market nowadays which provides opportunity for customisation of the bathrooms. Most modern bathrooms are known for water conservation and hygiene. Showers are available which emit water according to different settings and there are taps fitted with electric sensors which opens when we place our hand under the tap. Let us build bathrooms which are beautiful and sustainable.