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Arranging a small bathroom vanity
with  storage

Arranging a small bathroom vanity with  storage

Bathroom and vanity are inter-related. And the smaller the size of your bathroom, you will definitely look for small bathroom vanity.  What about you make  cabinets. You can  turn the bottom portion of the counter-top tower into clutter-free  storage for hair-styling accessories and other toiletries and complete with a flip-up door .

The top part of the tower can be arranged in that way that you can keep your mobiles and electronic gadgets., while the bottom can be  wide, full-extension drawers that hold brushes, curling irons and other bathroom necessities. If you can cabinet, you will lead a hassle free life so all will be at their appropriate place and it will be much easier to find. And suppose you require more space then you can opt for towers. You can keep stuffs both on top and bottom. If one wants to get a clear feel of her bathroom , can opt for floating cabinets too.

Suppose you are a artistic person, you can every time experiment with your home. Some unique small bathroom vanity ideas are available like what about using a buffet table as your bathroom vanity, you can enhance the area with light colors and a small sitting arrangements.

One very interesting idea is hidden storage, where you can get more space to organize your beauty products, cleaning products and other necessities.So after all its your vanity so you can customize it according to your need and get easy access to your favorite lotions.