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What wooden clothes rack with shelves
is  suitable to you?

What wooden clothes rack with shelves is  suitable to you?

Clothes rack is very useful to hang clothes if there is additional spec for it. They are portable too. They can be used to hang specific clothes like skirts, pants, coats etc separately. They are very convenient and make laundry easy. Many clothes rack have casters or wheels for easy movement. Size, styles and types of clothes rack are available. Depending upon the available space, preference and needs one can select the clothes rack for their use.

Types of clothes racks

Round racks: These are circular racks for clothing that are commonly found. They can be used at homes. They are spacious and have the capacity for plenty of garments.

Single rod racks: They have a straight single rod for hanging clothes. The rod is adjustable. These kinds of racks have are light in weight and easy to move.

Double rod racks: They have double rod parallel to each other. The distance can be adjusted or can be place one up and one down. They offer more space than single rod racks.

Collapsible travel racks: They are preferred for travelling. They can be folded into collapsible racks that can be carried easily while travelling. Normally they have one rod.

Zip up clothing organizers: These are cupboards on wheels. They have zip up cover for clothes to protect them from dirt and dust. They are also known as portable closets. They also have space to store shoes at the bottom.

Grid clothing rack: There are grids to hold clothes in these types of racks. They are normally used in boutiques to hang formal or wedding clothes.

Wooden clothes rack: These are normally used for hanging wet clothes for drying. They can hold plenty of clothing like shirts, pants etc.