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Vintage lighting to add grace  and charm to your home

Vintage lighting to add grace  and charm to your home

Lighting is an important element in any room and it shapes everything around it. The contrast between light and dark is emphasized by the spaces that are lit or concealed by lights. The term “Vintage” refers to something plain and old so vintage lights could be the classic or antique lights but not outdated as the use of these lights is on the increase in modern houses to give an ethnic look.

Vintage lighting can be exposed filament bulbs resembling Edison’s light bulbs but their antique glow can encompass a large area. Though being less efficient than fluorescent or LED lamps, old fashioned bulbs can create an ambience at low costs.

Vintage chandeliers, pendant lights, table lamps and floor lamps are a rage in today’s world that can transform your home or office back into history. These vintage lights can make a style statement if put in a restaurant or bar and if paired with attractive bronze or brass fittings it will give the ultimate look.

You can get such a large variety of vintage lights today. You can choose original vintage lighting from the Victorian styles that have been revived and reconditioned by experts. You could go for vintage light fixtures have been improved over time with modern wiring thus making them practical as well as artistic.  But it so happens that the use of these bulbs can be sometimes virtually blinding because of the exposed and sculptural fixtures but this problem can be solved by using a low wattage bulb.