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Tuscan Kitchen Style Brings Warmth at

Tuscan Kitchen Style Brings Warmth at Home

Italy has a rich culinary culture. Italian foods and breweries are famous all around the world. The moment you talk about Italian dishes, you sense the appetizing aroma wafting around. The mouth watering foods from Italy have influenced the set up of whole kitchen.  Now having a Tuscan kitchen at home is a pride of every homeowner.  To instill a sense of quality cooking and delicious cuisines housewives save no effort from spending to ensure styling their kitchen in Tuscan style.

The prominent features of Tuscan kitchen are bold earth tones, beautiful tiled rooftops and stucco walls. Rounded arches depict Mediterranean influence. Over the stove, doorway and maybe windows too are styled in the round shape.

Materials used in these kitchens are mostly wrought iron, terracotta, glass, ceramic, and travertine. Wood is not the choice of flooring but tiles are the most preferred choice. The more you go rustic the closer resemblance your kitchen will have with Tuscan style. That is why stone floor is also a winning choice. Keep the backsplash in bold colors and if possible choose brass for that.

For the kitchen island or any other wood structure, go for exposed choice. The exposed pure wood structures add rustic effects in the environment create the right environment for Tuscan style. Dark wood chairs and table in chunky style fill the environment with warm and friendly feelings.

For final decoration choose Italian ceramic which has a special accent and so are the glass and jars and pottery.  You will have an entirely different than usual environment to warm your heart!