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painting laminate kitchen cabinets

painting laminate kitchen cabinets

One thing that has been learned from most famous paint designers is that the wood surface is one of the best options for the cabinets to be painted. Any material that can be scuffed up with the help of sandpaper can be viable but the laminated parts are not so good for painting. One should always de-gloss the glossed surfaces and a liquid sander can be used with combination of a rag. One thing that is of real importance and should be kept in mind before painting kitchen cabinets is that the prepping is also as important as the painting is.

One should work step by step and firstly the cabinets should be emptied and all the things should be taken out and thorough cleaning should be done and all the dirt should be cleared out as it can create problem in the painting kitchen cabinets. Drawers should be removed but also one should label them with the sticky notes so that their real place can be known later on.

One can also think of removing the complete cabinet and then get the painting done in a separate place but this is really a time taking project which sometimes also becomes uneconomical.

One should also do the taping of the countertops and hinges in order to protect them from the spray of paint. Wood filler should be used for filling of the holes. One best rule for getting the quality painting is that the finishing should be done hard as harder the finish, better the finish.