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Things to know about cozy stylish
sofa  throws

Things to know about cozy stylish sofa  throws

A sofa throw refers to the term of sofa pillows or cushions. A pillow is a support for the head or other part of body. Sofa throw means the pillow that is placed on the sofa to help a person in relaxing while lying on the couch or sofa. These are soft, fluffy and cozy pillows to rest on your back.

DESCRIPTION OF SOFA THROWS: In western culture pillows that consist of a fabric envelop with soft polyester stuffing inside. Besides polyester the stuffing may also be of feather or synthetic foam. These sofa throws are actually not meant for support or comfort rather they are used for decorative purpose.

DECORATIVE SOFA THROWS: These are used to be consumed for dual purpose, decoration as well as comfort. Their fabric is available mainly in different attractive prints and they are mainly in a size of 17×17 inches.

STYLES OF SOFA THROW; Sofa throws are available in various styles and some of them are as under,

DAKIMAKURA: It is a design originated from Japan and these cushions are the hugging pillows,

SPECIAL SHAPED: These are the sofa throws away from the normal style in terms of shape. These throws and cushions may be of any cartoon character faced shape or any fruit or vegetable shape like banana, pumpkin etc.

SPECIALLY PRINTED: These are the sofa throws especially designed with some print. These prints include any funny character or some animals face.

EMBOSSED DESIGNED: These sofa throws are usually designed on customer demand. They may hold some embossed writing on them like my best friend, my daddy, my hubby and many more.

So make your sofa look awesome with color full and fluffy sofa throws.