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Style your bedroom nightstand decor
  ideas  in a chic way

Style your bedroom nightstand decor ideas  in a chic way

A nightstand is a bedside table which is normally kept in the bedroom besides the bed. These are small tables with drawers and or cabinets. Useful items such as clock, lamp, intercom, mobile phones, glass of water, medication books, accessory, candles etc. are placed on these tables. A nightstand should be selected appropriately as it reflects your style and personality. Different unique designs are available in nightstand that can match with the other furniture in the room. A nightstand is very useful in terms of keeping all urgent and required things handy during the night time.

A nightstand also provides additional space for storage. They can be custom made too according to the style and preference of the individual. However custom made nightstand would be a bit expensive as compared to other styles. One can also purchase them form garage sales or any local stores at cheap prices.

They are a piece of furniture that has functional as well as practical use. They are available in pairs too to be placed on both sides of the bed. Victorian, Colonial. Arts and crafts, mission, shaker, Dutch etc. are some of the styles of night stands. However French, Spanish and Italian are considered to be antiques. Each style has unique features and look. Depending upon the needs and functional requirement one should select the style for nightstand that would complement with the room.

One can style the nightstand by using different styling items such as vintage analog clock, an elegant night lamp with soft light, scented candle, jewelry tray, vase with fresh flowers, trinket etc.