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Some space saving small garden  landscaping ideas

Some space saving small garden  landscaping ideas

Garden is a very important part of a house though many of us ignore it due to various reasons like lack of space, lack of creative ideas and mainly willingness. Garden is important because it purifies your surrounding air and mainly freshen ups your mood along with the air you breathe.

There are many options available if you really want to make a garden in your place. In-spite of space scarcity you can actually implement small garden ideas and make a cute little garden. Crushed brick or gravel is a less expensive idea to start with your garden. Adding up a pond is a really good option, you don’t need a huge backyard for it, and you can dig a space and add a small pump to it, flow of water is on. You can do plantations of cute little flowers surrounding the pond will glam it up and enhance the beauty of the area.

There are many low height plant available, you can pick the suitable one and keep it, these plants won’t require much space and sunlight too. If you really don’t have outdoor space then you can go for hanging garden ideas, vertical garden ideas. Just you need to choose the right container where you want to start your plantations.

You can hang it in your apartment balcony or near the windows. There are different portable pots available in various colors, just get some eye catching colors and start your gardening hobby. You can follow many blogs and include your small garden ideas and execute it. It will surely refresh you and make you energetic.